JNL Glass Fitting is the best choice for Frameless, Semi-Frameless and Framed Shower Enclosures in South East Queensland. Whether you need a standard enclosure for a rental or your dream custom shower, we will always make it happen! If you are not sure what design to go for, we are always happy to provide our expert opinion on what we think would make your bathroom really pop! Contact us today for an obligation free quote on a shower enclosure. 


The pinnacle of elegance.


A frameless shower ticks all the boxes for functionality, style and timeless design. If you are looking for a way to revamp your bathroom, a frameless shower enclosure can help create a modern and sleek look your bathroom.

In our showers we use Stainless Steel fittings and 10mm thick glass, which makes a frameless shower enclosure strong, long lasting and a beautiful addition to any bathroom. With both standard and custom enclosures available, our showers will suit any bathroom design. 


Bold lines are back in a big way.

Our patented framed style makes your shower completely water proof while keeping a stunning appearance. Framed shower enclosures can be a more cost effective option when designing your bathroom.


It is perfect for rentals or budget renovations, but don't be fooled, this design can be a beautiful way to create a really standout bathroom. With both standard and custom designs available, our framed showers can be made to suit any bathroom space, with many fitting colours available! 


The best of both worlds.

Make the most of your shower area with one of our custom semi-frameless showers, which will keep water contained and still have a beautiful seamless design.

A semi-frameless shower enclosure combines the best parts of a Frameless and Framed design without breaking the bank. This easy to clean option has all the strength and rigidity of a framed screen, but with less visual bulk, making it the ideal enclosure for a family home.