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Tips Regarding Frameless Glass Shower Screens in Brisbane

Interested in taking the next steps towards remaking your bathroom this way? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always choose experience when selecting an installer. It’s crucial to work with a team that understands how to create and transport these glass panels. Placement matters, too. At JNL Glass Fitting, we have 30 years of collective experience to put to work on your behalf.

  • You have the opportunity to choose between a standard-sized frameless shower panel or one custom-cut to suit a particular design preference. It all depends on your budget and your preferences. If you have a unique design or a specific idea in mind for your shower, let us know, and we can discuss custom panelling solutions.

  • Brush up on how to maintain your new frameless shower after installation to keep it looking excellent well into the future. Over time, water and soap residue can build up on the glass, which can impact its contribution to the space negatively. Take care to explore options for cleaning your glass. Over the long term, you may need to maintain the seals that keep water inside your glass shower, too.

Keep your eye out for a blog post about how to maintain your shower glass! If you are interested in getting a frameless shower screen, please don't hesitate to contact us.